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The Dogpatch Adventure

The Dogpatch Adventure
by snoweyes. Those who enjoy abandoned places should enjoy this album from one of my little adventures. Dogpatch USA has a rich and storied past. It began in the late 60s to support the fantastically popular comic strip Lil Abner. Thanks to some terrible business desicions and the fact that no one remembers the stip anymore, the 800-acre park was closed in 1993 and is now slowly rotting away in the hills of the Ozarks. At one time the park had a chance to be as popular as Silver Dollar City.

When I was a kid (about 4) I remember going and greatly enjoying myself at the fish hatchery and cave. Do you remember Dogpatch?

This is from a daytrip June 22, 2009. I've been before. My first time to visit Dogpatch was about four years ago and I love the place!

I should note that it's much, much harder to get onto the property these days as opposed to when I first visited. In the years that followed my first visit, word of the place spread onto the internet and too m…

A light snack

A light Snack
by snoweyes.

Yep, I'm eating Tomaters and Hummus again and feeling a bit artsy. I came up with a few ideas for my art in the next bit of time...

A short film using exclusively still photos and my accordion music pushing the visual poem.

I have been working on some new accordion songs and if I get the time I'll be recording them in the next week or two. If you haven't heard my little Cruccinelli sing, here's a taste.

I haven't written much in the last week, but I've been trying to keep busy with art outside of the time I work on Peter Pan. Notably I've got a desire to put up some paintings in Eureka Springs very soon and I've been putting time and effort into that! I hope to have some good news in that realm of art soon enough. Until then, please eat some tasty spicy hummus if you can find some.

I have uploaded a few pictures to my flickr, but if you can find my facebook I've got many new pictures, as usual. Why do I do this? Because flick…