A light snack

Yep, I'm eating Tomaters and Hummus again and feeling a bit artsy. I came up with a few ideas for my art in the next bit of time...

A short film using exclusively still photos and my accordion music pushing the visual poem.

I have been working on some new accordion songs and if I get the time I'll be recording them in the next week or two. If you haven't heard my little Cruccinelli sing, here's a taste.

I haven't written much in the last week, but I've been trying to keep busy with art outside of the time I work on Peter Pan. Notably I've got a desire to put up some paintings in Eureka Springs very soon and I've been putting time and effort into that! I hope to have some good news in that realm of art soon enough. Until then, please eat some tasty spicy hummus if you can find some.

I have uploaded a few pictures to my flickr, but if you can find my facebook I've got many new pictures, as usual. Why do I do this? Because flickr only shows my 200 most recent photos without plunking down 25 bucks and I; I am but a poor player set upon the stage of life, sent to bring a tear to the eye, a smile to the face, a Smee to the stage.....

I leave you with a short excerpt from a poem for no particular reason except to live life through young eyes!

Lying, swept upon dark cut grass
Stretched in repose beneath twilight
Ghosts of a thousand echoes remind
Her rose-covered ears of
childhood ne'er

*snap snap


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