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I'm back!

I'm Excited 'bout NYC!
by snoweyes. Hi everyone!

NYC was a brilliant and fun expedition and I think I'll be going back pretty soon. I had loads of fun. I don't have too much time to rant about my many journeys but I'll be back for sure.

Today I've got a voice-over gig for a nice chunk of monkeys. I've always enjoyed doing voices. When I got into the game voice over business back in 1998 (for a Half-Life video game thingy) little did I realize how much I would enjoy being able to work for actual money! Woohoo!

I'm in a murder mystery on Wednesday and The Drunkard this Saturday. Acting mixed with music is my forte this week back to Tulsa. I hope everyone has a great week.

Good news. It's Sam's birthday, and by default her twin sister's birthday! Yay - good job on living so long! haha

Sad news, Quick Draw Derick has been postponed until November to make time for our move to another Studio. I hope to create some promo commercials since I've got …

Going off now...

Derick Snow Poloraid
by snoweyes. I've got a complicated night. I was supposed to get ready for my flight to New York but due to events I'm now shooting a football game tonight. I hope to be at the airport at 6 tomorrow and then I'm off to NYC!

Wish me a broken fingernail, 'cause I'd rather not have a broken leg, thanks.

Tomorrow night I get to sleep in a groovy place right next to the Empire State Building! How cool is that?! Then I'm doing an audition, singing a part from the 25th Annual Spelling Bee titled, "I'm Not That Smart." It's funny!

I got a couple of small maps and headshots and business cards and an updated resume'. It's all looking snappy! I'll take my camera with me and I'll show you some sights, yes?

Until then.


The Giant With The Accordion
by willowforlife. So I'm flying up to New York for a week this Satuday. If anyone wants to buy a painting this week before I go I'll give you a good deal so I have a little money for the trip. I really need to sell you a painting.

Check my website and click on the right side that says "Artist" to find paintings :)

ALSO, I'm looking for groovy people that may have a couch that first night. My convention/audition time is that Sunday and it would be nice to be somewhat near Times Square. Please get back with me if you want to help an actor....

Speaking of acting, I'm going to be a cartoon character! Petro Pete?! That's the game, oh yes and I'm recording Thursday morning. Hopefully it becomes a regular gig :)

peace and fluffy bunnies

The Pied Piper

The Pied Piper
by willowforlife. I was at the park yesterday, painting and playing my accordion with friends. Early in the day these fun kids came up and I invited them to play the accordion. I've had a pretty good week, what with The Drunkard, Scottish fest, India Fest, Painting party at the park...and now I just found out I got a part as a cartoon character! I auditioned last week and I booked today, with recording sessions just before I leave for NYC. I'm happy! Yahoo!

This week I'm playing around, packing and looking for a place to stay that first night in NYC. If there are any people that know cool friendly types, I'd be happy to have a chat and figure out something. A painting in return? Please get in touch :)

Flying around

Flying around
by snoweyes. I have had quite the weekend. I kinda...broke my face, but I am ok
mom! I serisously bonked my eyeball into a chair while in a murder
mystery on Friday night. It made a MIGHTY squshing sound and I saw
lights! But the show went on and I got through the show and I got an
ice pack on my face pretty quickly, so I'm ok. My nose is still numb
but it feels very interesting to touch someone else's face until the
feeling comes back. I'll tell the story in more detail later for those
that enjoy that kind of gruesome detail :)

I was in another murder mystery Saturday and I'm working on SPORTS
shows and if you know me the you know I'm psyched for that! Haha. I'm
having fun creating fancy graphics and I'm using my BOOMing voice for
some commercials. I was out at a golf course today, driving around in
a golf cart, making with the fancy footage. It's all quite strange,
that television. I love it even though I'm not a big sports fan.

Anyhoo, I've …