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The Accordion Player

The Accordion Player
by snoweyes. I love playing accordion by the river. Some groovy people say I'm pretty intense when I play, and I wouldn't have it any other way. The photo above is from one of those times when I went on a walk, playing and sipping in the night air.

I'm going away for a few days but I have another classic bit of poetry for you. And this is even more intense than my accordion.

Guitar Art, Music and Eggs

Guitar Art
by snoweyes.

My great singin' skills are once again available for your pleasure, this one titles "Eggs". I thought I was good with Tomaters but this is brilliant.

So Derick, what've you been up to?

I've been acting in a couple of productions, namely the Drunkard and The Ultimate Murder Mystery.

I'm also in the midst of sculpting some stuff and I painted the guitar you see. I'm quite happy with it, it even glows in the dark for those moody shows.

I've had a birthday and that was awesome with lots of cheesecake. I love it on a very deep level.

Speaking of love!

If you loved Eggs, you'll hate Sunday, a new song I've recorded with my accordion. This one is a bit more earnest. I hope you enjoy.

Eggs- a Country Song.


Happy ME-day

Derick with a smile
by snoweyes. It's my BIRTHDAY. YEAH!


I got a fancy new mixer last week from my old deceased pal Edwin! It's very nice and I'm playing with it every day. I hope to record some stuff he'd really enjoy. I was having lunch a few days ago and came up with the best song ever, as heard by listening to the song above. I'm not too humble to say this is the best song I've ever recorded.

I'm recording actual song stuff, too!

FYI, there's a place called Tuesday morning that is selling a reasonably nice stage (dynamic) microphone with XLR cable and stand attachment for $10! It's hidden away but that's where the good dealsl live.

Tonight I think I have rehearsal for a play.

Friday I'm in a murder mystery at Molly's, then Saturday I'm in that crazy Drunkard as Mr. Willie Hammond. I'm going to blow the house down. You should watch.

Monday's my birthday. Woohoo! Twenty....nine. Wow.

Accordiang to Derick

Accordiang to Derick
by snoweyes. Hey friends, I'm just popping by with a bit of an update. I acted in a weird little thing Thursday and Friday and completely blew my voice out. I'm back to a mild whisper today unless I'm screaming at you but let's not.

I've been just my usual crazy self. My birthday is Next MONDAY. Woo-hoo! Feel free to send any fine china, chocolate and wine my way. I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing for myself, and I may have to extend my personal birthday celebrations with friends to next weekend but that's fine. I think My fam is having my funday on Monday, cheesecake is in order. It's my favorite cake, ho ho ha ha.

I got new spectacles last week. For not spending more than $100 clams on both specs and new contacts I think they look fine and dandy. I've got a few new pictures up on my flickr to see a different angle on them, in addition to some groovy IR photos I took out at everybody's favorite religious school, OR…

Train Tracks

After a mere wait from September 2003 a sad little film I co-created is finally online....hope you like it.

Train Tracks

Quick Draw Montagerie

Hi, I'm Derick. I write, produce and edit this show. More info @

Here's a fun-filled montage from some of the bright moments on Quick Draw Derick that's fun for all ages. Don't have time for a 30-minute show? You'll smile - guaranteed!

Quickdraw and his friends, Sidekick Sam, Quick-Gallop Cody and the villain, ERASER DAN wish you a happy day!

You can find Quick Draw Derick in COX Cable in Tulsa every Saturday morning at 10am!

Show them to your friends and say, "I know that crazy kid!"


Google Video

ps I know I promised "Train Tracks" the other day but I had some conversion problems but I'll have that up hopefully tomorrow :)