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Oh, I'm still around!

Hello everyone! I've been so busy I forgot to put anything on my blog. Whoops! What's Happened?

I painted at two shows with Autumn Shade. Both of them have turned out wonderfully, both pretty large and I'll be putting them on my webpage soon. I'm in the Drunkard this weekend, and I've got murder mystery improv theatre happening as well. I'm also lined up for some voice overs...eventually for some commercials with a local channel. more on that later. I've got a biiig project finally on the air, a little thing called Quick Draw Derick! Yes, I finally got the western set, got my actors, got the sponsors, got the show shot, edited and everything! I've even got the blasted thing up on Google Videos! Here are the times for QuickDraw: Tuesday and Thursday 12noon, 7p.m. and Midnight Saturday and Sunday 10a.m. That's alot of QuickDraw Derick! Yeeeehaw! In case you never know, I also joined this wacky social app called facebook. I have been putting alot of pict…

Living at the edge of the canvas

painting at the edge of the canvas
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. I've been leading a somewhat charmed life, in spite of some ridiculously unlucky events I don't have control of. Inspite of those things, I'm painting and loving life to it's fullest.

I was mentoring some children today in the morning, and then followed up with a little competition that I judged. I hung out with a fellow named Mr. Huges who is doing some crazed reality program called Nosak Wars here in Tulsa. I judged a video competition and then of all things, video games that kids produced. I had fun.

Today at 5 I'm taking the first official shots of my kids show, "Quick Draw Derick" with the Pendleton Family Fiddlers! I'm very excited to get something going after so many months of talk.

Tonight at seven I've got a rehearsal for the Ultimate Murder Mystery production of an 80's rock show, which I really need the money for to fix my doggone car. In this show I've played th…

Tonight, a poem by Snoweyes

Abandoned Gold-
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. He walked to the edge of the wood
His feet hastened but steady
In gleaming shadow of mood
There lit beyond lengthy vine grew
The heart of the earth
From him to you.

Paint dripped fingers
Dark blue cream
Reach'd extended away,
Fully grasped sequential delivered
Yet meaningfully gleamingly
Squandered for play.

"Why do you fall when I held you so dear,"
'Twas earth who asked floating in whispers
So sweet were the tones
Entranced loving minds
In the hollow ghost cage's vespers!

His eyes searched in and over the hill
Colored vibrant behind snow white towers
Rested the feather
Blown from toe to shoulder
Barefoot and gloaning in flowers.

"I knew all of your dreams, The way that you laughed",
Said he, humbly withdrawing forward;
"To see such a truth
In such a true path
Brings an end to an end"
As he lovingly gracefully lowered.

Light had grown dim at the edge of the wood
Moonbeams knew not of these places
Where vines ghostly dance

Many things for you this week...

Originally uploaded by snoweyes. This sunday, I'm painting @ Under The Mooch at 5
This Saturday I'm in The Drunkard at 7:45
Tonight I'm removing my paintings and am performing in An Improv Murder Mystery at 7
Friday, who knows?
On January 25th my Show Quick Draw Derick will be on the Air! Yes.


Live Painting and Music with me, THIS SUNDAY @5p.m.

Live Painting and Music with me, THIS SUNDAY @5p.m.
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. Under the Mooch on Harvard, Just north of 15th, this very Sunday.

5p.m.Autumn Shade and yours truly will have a lovely early evening show.

I'll be painting something fun, come on down and listen to some FREE music and we'll have a chat, yes? I'd love that.

So mark your calendars friends.

Opening for us is...Brian Rawson?!

dun, dun, dunnnn!


This week has been a nice one. I got my fat check from being a cripple guy and I'm keeping busy with very good projects.

Oh and I'm starting Quick Draw Derick, and I'm doing some child safety videos! Anyone have some good safety ideas? This will be on TV, by the way.

time for a little treasure hunt.


Happy New Year, you poor little doggy

Happy New Year, you poor little doggy
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. I hope your new Year was good. I'll write more later, since my computer just crashed, erasing lots of good words! Grrr.

I'm in the Drunkard this Saturday Night ;)
587-5030 for more info, curtain @ 7:45

The photo you see is from some of my adventures in South West Texas. I was in San Antonio and did my best to be as warm as I could afford to :)