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Thats My Derick!

The next day...

A dream
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. So yes, I had an art show last night, to great success! I sold SIX paintings and made some good money, enough to actually be able to afford that trip to Dallas to see the Smashing Pumpkins this weekend!

I made quickie portraits of folks for $5 a piece, which was also great fun.

The thing I learned:
Always have wine, cheese and crackers on hand. It gets them every time.
Also, stay as late as you can. My biggest buyer came in as I was about to leave and ended up with four of my works. I ended up sutugraphing some stuff and having a great conversation with everyone involved.

Did you also know I got the Cripple audition? Wonderful.


November Art Show
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. I've got nearly 30 works of art on display all throughout the Gypsy Coffee House TONIGHT. The fun starts at seven!
303 N. Cincinnati. I'll have tiny little snacks, wine, CHEESE, and..

I'll be selling my paintings! And...

I'll be making small, custom drawings / portraits for FIVE BUCKS!


AND THE SHOW IS FREE! WOW WOWOWOwoarsajpfojds;kv/n

Whoa, whew, sorry, I lost it there for a moment. I was so excited!

Acting! Thank you!

olden goldie
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. A friend sent this question to me today. Here's my thoughts on the thing I love most, the acting life.

1. What got you into theatre?

I did some stuff in elementary school, but I really began my trip into acting during something called the Summer Arts program in middle school. i was a troubled youth and this began a way into a good direction!

2. What is your favorite thing about theatre?
The performance, the emotional release from being a character. Secondarily, having to sometimes change in front of girls and vice-versa :) Being an actor, primarily in theatre it may be surprising to know I'm NOT gay.

3. What is the worst thing about theatre?
Politics. People always ask me to join some board or something or other and always I see feuds forming against some person or idea. I've seen too many wonderful people kicked out of acting in a venue just because someone is power-crazy and jealous.

4. Tell me about your favorite moment doing a s…

Derick on the edge of..the camera

Derick on the edge
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. Here's a nice, looong response to an e-mail I got from a friend looking for a new camera for herself.

We're talking about the Nikon D40,.
There's another one called the D40x, which is a more expensive, but improved camera with higher resolutions, etc....

The D40 is a wonderful camera. Its sensor is the same one in my pentax @ 6.1 megapixels. It's a good starter camera.. It's got a faster sequential framerate than mine. It feels nice in your hands. It uses proprietary batteries which can get pricey. It has many, many interchangeable lanses, but the lenses themselves can be much more expensive than the camera. There is no image stabilization, but in general it has a very nice image. I believe it uses Compact Flash for memory, so that may be another necessary purchase.

My beef was with the batteries and image stabilization. Batteries will eventually need to be replaced, and if you take alot of photos like I do, the batt…

It is a stretch

It's a stretch
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. So I was at Garden Deva and was invited to sell some paintings tonight and tomorrow for their yearly festivus. I'll be there from 7-8 tonight and saturday 10-noon, with several works for sale until the end of the day tomorrow!

Free snacks! Free wine! Free free yea yea Oh and I'll be painting in the morning tomorrow.

Garden Deva is near 5th and Utica, one block west.

Embrace A Painter!
I had a marvelous time last night painting a huge eye @ Continental.

I got to hang out with some wonderful souls. Tonight, I have no idea what I'll paint. But I'll be @ Gypsy with Autumn Shade, 9:30.

BE THERE and touch a real-life painter.

FACT: I love to hug people. I did get to hug many ladies and gents, butI had three favorites last night:
Hannah (sp?)

Those three really know how to properly embrace.
If you do side hug, I still appreciate you to the fullest extent of my heart! But man, I love the real stuff.

Next gig…

November Art Show

November Art Show
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. Come one, come all!

On November 15th at 7:30 I'll be premiering my first art show at the Gypsy Coffee House on 3rd and Cincinnati, Downtown Tulsa. I'll be there during the night, and if you miss me, The paintings will be up until the end of the month! Many will be for sale, so if you've ever eyes one of my works, please come down and support this artist!