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Goodnight Tulsa

The serious artists
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. You were fabulous!

Tea Party and Dfest

Tea Party
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. So I forgot to mention anything about our Dfest performance last Saturday.
I am being a bit dramatic just to make the tale interesting....Remember to read on to the good parts because, well, you should!

Let's start off with what went wrong:

1. No CDs from our label

We emailed our contact at our label, Strange Attractors nearly a month before our performance, with no response at all. So we email again. No response. So we email again. Finally four days before the show we get a message saying that there isn't enough time to get CDs to us in time for the show. No, four days before is indeed not enough time!

2. Not enough rehearsal time
We had planned to have everyone (six people) in the band practice for a few weeks before the show. Due to a never ending scheduling conflicts we had two near-great rehearsals, but with no drummer. We never had a rehearsal with the drummer.

3. No communications from Dfest
The entire lead-up to the concert was fil…

Through the wall

Through the wall
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. Light flows through the cracks of life
colors shapes sounds blend against
skies so gray I cannot contain my excitement

Life and stuff

More of Me
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. Oh heart you blissful cloud of dust
surrounding my eyes and ears and brain until
I cannot see hear touch taste breathe
so potent is it's draw I leap from cliffs to
swim in the flooded road's clotted twisting vines yet
I never hesitate to fly or die trying.

Cross Walk

Cross Walk
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. Well, the Murder Mystery went off wonderfully, and I remembered that I'm getting paid for it! And I got a check from one of my commercials! And I had an audition for another one today!

I was supposed to go with a girl named Sam at 12:50 or so, but due to wacky circumstances, I ended up leaving early and all by myself, to fabulous Norman, Oklahoma. I was just on time and made the audition. I learned a valuable audition trick today: give them lots of options. Start subtle, ending with completely bizarre. It's not only fun, it's good for actually getting hired for these things! When I drove back, I decided to fill up my car. My card wouldn't go through! I soon realized I only had about $40 in the bank. Don't worry! I had cach on me, and to my joy I found a nice check for some silly thing I did a little while back, the Q'doba farting man commercial!

Yesterday Jes and I made a road trip for the Illinois River and of course …