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Niagara Adventure Camping with moon
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. Just another quickie from Derick....
I'm in Ohio right now at our friend's aunt's house. We had a great time at Niagara Falls, in NY and Canada. I tossed some nifty pictures I took on the trip onto the flickr page. Just click on the image to browse...
Take care and I'll see Tulsa on Friday, just in time for our murder mystery play!

road trip!

road trip!
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. We're on our way to Niagara Falls in New York! Ty, Leah, Jes n Derick are squished in. We'll be gone all week!

I went to Gypsy last night...

Cris MANtle is a light ninja
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. I had a good time. Chris blew up a bunch of flowers and It was good.

I ran into a local downtown homeless fellow and we talked for twenty minutes or so. Tony is a nice guy and if you see him and know who I'm even talking about, give him a couple of bucks for me. We go back a few years.

Howard Snow is a rock God!

Howard Snow is a Rock God!
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. "..*cough, cough*, I'm sick today boss, so I can't go to work... bye..."

"Now I can play guitar hero!"

a fiction by Derick Snow.

Have some flowers

Woodward Park Rose Garden 2
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. I took this t'other day with my new camera.

I just wanted to let others know about something before I went off to the Gypsy tonight. We've been chosen to play Dfest in a few months (check our site for more info), and to celebrate, I updated Autumn Shade's website ( ) with a stream of the entire album, as well as lots of other small updates, like album reviews, our press kit, and an actual place to buy the album!

If you like what you hear, and want to hear in in full-fidelity, please consider buying the album. If you manage to find us in person I can make a sweet deal for the album, but If you are hankering for some Autumn Shade, now is your chance!


Self Portrait and The Spotlight Theatre

Self Portrait and The Spotlight Theatre
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. This is the home of the longest running play, The Drunkard.
They don't take American Express.

I got a new camera! the Pentax K100d. It's a wonderful camera; I'll be posting some great imagery from it on my flickr section.
I have a kit lens (18-55mm) as well as a great 35-200 Rokinon Zoom Lens from Jes' dad. It's awesome! On board image stabilization, fast focus, well thought-out features, backward compatibility with every Pentax Lens ever and great low-light photography make this one a winner. All for $450 from! I did months of research and my Tax return was well-spent. I LOVE it.

The Squirrel says, Stop The Chop!

The Squirrel says, Stop The Chop!
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. See those orange bands around those trees behind Mr. Squirrel? Those trees were nearly condemned to a needless death in one of our most beautiful parks (Woodward).
Fortunately, with the Help of us Tulsans, this little fellow can eat his treats without losing more than 50 trees. Thanks to you, any more trees cut down in Tulsa will have to be run through the Tree Advisory Committee. Thanks to the mayor and to everyone who ran around with the fun bumper stickers.


Originally uploaded by Hughes500. Hey all, I'm just hopping on the internet for the first time in a while.

I know I don't update terribly often, but I've been busy with work and some other artistic endeavors, like...

I bought a new camera! a new DSLR, a Pentax K100d, and I hope to be getting it later next week. I got the whole lot for $450, no tax and free shipping. Yes, that sounds like a huge amount, but that's actually really cheap for a DSLR. It's got a lot of great features and the image quality is top notch. I'll be updating with new pictures as soon as I get them! Ho can I afford such a thing? Tax return, baby. I've been waiting for the day that my wallet and optics can catch up with my artistic eye!

This Sunday, I'll be showing my paintings at a show just behind the Bead Merchant, located near 15th and Delaware in Tulsa (about two blocks from my house). Come on down and look at my stuff, also listen to music and visit with friendly artist typ…