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Life after Scotland

First off, Happy Birthday to Cody! September 8th he became a man! Or an
older boy! Congratulations!
Oh man have we ever been bus since our return! I've been in the
drunkard every week since we got back from places like...Scotland (in the
picture above)...
I also had a flat tire today! Jes and I went to get a Custard and eft
with a tack in the tire. No worries! We got the spare out and it had
eough air to get us to better places. It was the first timer I've had to
do that on the Maxima.
Jes and I got a place together! Yay! It's a nice ONE THOUSAND and fifty
sq. ft. place near 15th and Delaware. It's a mere 400 a month with no
lease length. I love it and it nicely fits our character. I've been
thinking about branching out into other parts of Tulsa and we finally went
an did it. Turns out we had a bit of money left once we got back so it
became feasible. We've been together for over 3 and a half years, it
seemed the right time to save gas from going to BA day after day…


So yea, now I'm back in America! And back at the editing game for music.
I did indeed create a 'rough cut' version that I hear is floating around town. It's getting good reviews from what my ear on the street hears! I'm glad Autumn Shade creates such good music; I can mangle and distort it all to heck and it still comes out great!

I'm in the Drunkard this weekend as Willie! So come down for that return to the stage!
What else...

Oh yess......

I was stumbling around the internet today and found a local crazy dude. His name is Bikerfox. I've seen this guy around town, but now that he's got a web presence I thought I'd share him with the world!