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Up and AWAY

Well, I'm off to Europe! Jes and I are off at 1pm and will be gone for thirty days. We'll be jet-setting around the UK as well.
Wish us luck! We'll take 10,000 pictures or so.

I've been incredibly busy editing Jes' new album, Evelyn. It's going to be awesome you guys!

I'll write when I can.


Well this is interesting...

More of Me
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I got a call today from my agent asking if I could bring some white underwear. Apparently I'm wearing a diaper.

I've gotta get pictures of this!

I've got some great production pictures from the SOLID shoot (Captain's film) we melted for. As soon as I get my laptop I'll upload 'em.

I'll be naked 'round two!

So much fun!

So much fun!
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As usual I'm quite busy, what with trying to get all of my money together for my trip to far flung locales. Jes and I shall make our way away quite soon!

I have actually gotten to have two auditions in the last week. So that meant I had to get a better headshot together. My last real one was from when I was 21 so I made my own. I got my digital camera and went around town looking for appropriate backgrounds and I like what came out. I've got even more samples on my flickr color!

So yea, I went to a few auditions. One of them was over at Cloud Nine for the role of Cupid. No, not the stip joint. I actually read for alot of different characters, like The Easter bunny and a turkey. I felt like I did really well. Turns out I got that commercial! It's not quite LA commercial rates but it'll do! More money for my trip! I'm shooting tomorrow. I was originally cast as the Turkey for my manic Woddy Allen but I just found…

Doing the la vida loca

Into The Shadows
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. I've been puttering around the two states of Missouri and Okliahoma for the last few weeks. Jes went with her family to Branson and later in the week I followed.While she was gone, I got to paint what you see above. It looks great up close and I'm very happy with how it turned out.I left on a friday to go to Branson. I left after work and met up with Jes in our favorite Wilderness campground spot just before Sundown. We love going to Branson, mostly for the nature and Silver Dollar City. At SDC we have some neat musician friends who are also known as the Homestead Pickers. One of the Pickers' is named Mike, or Ezra as we call him. He was having a large get-together with hellraisers and holy-rollers at his farm. We ate great food and made some good friends.Just before we left we met a couple named Bruce and Janelle who seemed really neat. They invited us to come over the next night and eat some great food and have a couple of…