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So let me tell you about the future, which is now. 1. I finally upgraded my laptop to a fancy Dell Inspiron 13.3" 1080p 2-in-1 Win 10 (which means it folds back into a tablet mode) and shaved off 250 bucks as an open box at Best Buy with a full warranty and it runs like a dream. Touchscreen computing and tablet features....which means 1-A. I can run my favorite Android apps on this bad boy using the future magic of virtual machine emulation. It runs all the Android apps and games I buy on Google Play that I use on my older tablet without a problem. That also means so I get to use my favorite sketching and painting app (Infinite Painter) on my 2-in-1. It's so bad. Google to blooow your mind (you need a kinda fast computer, touch screen really recommended). 2. T-mobile (of which Sam and I have in the big city which works very well here) has something called Binge On I can opt in for with my phone so I can tether to my laptop and stream Netflix and Youtube without using any of my tether data. Whaaaaaat! Movie night! No more phone movies! 3. Actual future stuff: read about the future of medicine: CRISPR. It's going to quite probably find actual cures for AIDS, Alzheimers, Cancers and even genetic disorders in our lifetime.
by Derick Snow

March 26, 2016 at 10:08PM
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