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Aerobatic Flying With Red Bull

I'd love to do this!!!! That is some major thrust, which is also what she said. Aerobatic Flying With Red Bull:


Disney World!! - Google+

I like life best when it feels like a choose your own adventure book.

I think I finally found a use for Photoshop.

Crazy Horse Saloon!

Actor James Garner dies aged 86

Blerg. Feeling kinda nauseous.

100-pound gymnast conquers obstacle course in surprisingly thrilling sports moment

"You're only as old as you GET OFF MY LAWN." Sage advice from me to Sambo.

The economic case for paying your cashiers $40K a year

Take two! I spent another full day working on one funny cartoon as the title superhero! It's super silly fun.

I managed to rock 13 more episodes today!!! I love doing voice work. This month makes three gigs of that variety, including Fernando Frog ( for Frogstreet ), the new cartoon Geckoman, and another, as yet unnamed Anime series for Funimation. Stage shows for Six Flags tomorrow with my lady love Samantha too!! Life is pretty darn sweet.

I fell backwards off the stage last week. Fortunately my ample derriere took the brunt of the fall and the rest of me is fine, but now I have one heck of a bruise. Since I can't show you my real butt, here's an artful representation of what it looks like. You are welcome!

Voice work is the best! I'm working on a 26 episode cartoon series called Geckoman! They are animating to my voice as the title hero, so it may be a little wait to see it.

So, I hammered out 13 episodes doing VO for some cartoon magic as a totally rad super-hero this fine evening, then found out I've been cast in a different, but still totally and radical sweet Anime Show. What a world!

BBC News - The teenager who saved a man with an SS tattoo





In bed? Sounds like a nice, quiet orgy.

Independence Day

I'm just hanging with Schmoopy and sipping coffee at the park before starting the day. Its surprisingly peaceful for a dog park.

Critics ravage Broadway audiences