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Dear Diary, I had a great day firing off many, many voices into the ole microphone today, with more to come. I'm working as the hero on 26 Episodes of a funny new cartoon based on a great live-action Asian property, as well as creating fun frog-based characters for another gig today! Afterwards, I went out with my special amazing lady for cake, and got romantically depressed by viewing The Fault In Our Stars. So freaking fortunate.

Dear diary, Last Saturday night, I booty-danced with nurse over fifty for a murder - mystery show. I was a hotshot detective, and solved the whole ball of wax, at a restaurant called the Old Mill. It was fun, and I got to fire blanks. Not a bad evening! Detective Derick Snow has a certain ring to it...

For my big day off from five show days...I'll be going to two different cartoon character gigs I've gotten myself into. That's just cool. I'm going to have some skitzo fun, even though I have to wake up super-early. Good night. #icansleepwhenimdead #veryveryverythankful

When it rains it pours: I booked the lead in a (can't tell you about it) cartoon series! A-MAZING. I'm also recording completely different cartoon voices this week AND I have another fun audition for some sweet anime. ALL THIS WEEK. Yowsa. I can't believe all the awesomeness. So much more to come. #not_enoughdaysinaweek

Preshow sass.

Dear diary, Today is going to be a good day. I get PAID to work with fantastic folks today, and be very weird in the best kind if way. I also have a swank murder mystery tomorrow, which means I also get paid to handcuff folks and shoot blanks as Detective Derick Snow ( Murder Mystery Texas, The Old Mill, Downtown Dallas )

Dear diary, This week I got a smart phone. 2009, here I come! The bad news? My old non-smart phone didn't transfer my numbers. If you call or text, I'll answer with, "Who dis!?"

Today is a email-writing schedule-tastic kinda day. Ah, the joys of gig-based-employment.

Tagged! My dear friend, I do not believe in luck. Therefore, I will say I was very blessed to have you in all the murder mysteries you did since June 2007. Larry Leach, Festus Cletus Asbestos Remington III Jr. Esquire, Donnya Wannadomee and Randy Jackson Five are but a few of the brilliant creations you have put your mark on, and I truly loved every show you were brought much laughter and tears of joy to many a patron of mine....the world is a better place because of the love you give and the love you are...thank you for being my friend and my brother...I hope you have a wonderful day....My best to you, Jim

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So, yesterday Samantha Woodruff started the day as one character in our show, then reblocked into another lead character and NAILED it pretty hard. What an awesome, talented person, and an amazing love of my life.


Tagged! Here's a late TBT with the cousins and siblings. Note the collection of awesome socks and shorty-shorts. Har-Ber Village circa 1982

Tagged! Love all these wonderful people!!



Tagged! Derick Snow Is so adorable.

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Tagged! Love this shot. #evernightthemusical

So tomorrow is Friday the 13th AND a full moon! It's going to be crazy.

I love residual checks! It's like bonus money. All kinds of amazing good things happening for us....!

Ronnie BoDean

Diner en Blanc – The Film about the World’s Largest Secret Dinner Party

This looks like the month to be a professional voice act-y thing! I've been booked as a radically-bodacious Frog for a company's spokes-character, and I have one sweet audition as a totally awesome character for a new show this week!I would LOVE to be able do this all the time, please and thank you.

I just stuck my pinky in my mouth for an hour, but it did the trick for a particular acoustic voice! Sam is oh-so happy that I'm done... #voiceacting #weird

Ever Wished That Calvin and Hobbes Creator Bill Watterson Would Return to the Comics Page? Well,...

Call back today, different booked gig tomorrow. Woohoo!

Night time swims are the best.

Just saw my first Game of Thrones. Very good, but very gruesome. Oy!

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