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How many folks can say they had a metaphysical talk about multi-dimensional constructs with their mom every week? I'm totally the lucky one.

Bring Reading Rainbow Back for Every Child, Everywhere.

I must admit I'm pretty excited for Thursday's challenge. I just have to allow myself to go...crazy and then let it go. #auditions #giggetty

10 Painful Rejection Letters To Famous People Proving You Should NEVER Give Up Your Dreams

The 11 Most Awkward Moments That Happen When You Physically Greet Someone

Whoa! Watch A Spectacular Supercell Take Form In Wyoming

Retenant 2/13

Not bad for the reject pile! Intelligent dork headshot fun. Which elemental look do you have? Mine are aluminum, cobalt, pewter and magma.

The Hidden Speakeasy Room found at Pixar Studios where Steve Jobs Hung Out

Derick Snow (@snoweyes) posted a photo on Twitter

Today was a slightly trying, very long day... Bullies aren't cool. That aside, I did get five lovely performances of the show in, and audiences were great!

Back to the ole grind! My grind involves singing, dancing, sweating and making moo cow sounds. Mooooooo!

Doctor Where!? Digital Illustration

Real Human Statue Schwarzenegger, View bronze human figure statues, ESAC Product Details from...

This world map of prison populations is an embarrassment to every American

Watch: Bill Nye debates climate change on Crossfire Test!! Test!

2014-05-05 23.09.52.gif

2014-05-05 23.09.52.gif

Route 66: The Center of the Universe

Tulsa Performing Arts Aren’t On City’s List - Editor's Blog - Web 2014 - Tulsa, OK


Fav painting of the week!

Warm days=swim weather! That's happening tomorrow.

What an amazing week of acting! I just can't believe I pulled off playing the detective in Keith and Margo's Murder Mystery Texas for the first time, shooting a fancy commercial in Oklahoma, a theme park commercial here in Texas; and performing the fantastic, live Saloon show with Six Flags. I won't know what to do with myself next week, but I sure will enjoy the wee bit of rest!

Just live up to what we are capable of and every big, important day is going to be great.