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Hey Tulsa! I've got a shoot in your town and I am in need of some size 8 boots for Thursday evening. Any style. Help?

I gotta work on my Gene Kelly!

When it rains it pours! Two commercials booked and two different live shows to be in. All THIS WEEK, in various cities and states. No problem.

Safari fun!

Ghost Town's Spirit - NBC News

I get to play the detective in my first Dallas murder mystery next week! I'll be practicing my pat-downs with Samantha.

Fly time!

We conquered and thoroughly enjoyed four Disney World parks in two days and it was a blast!! Samantha and I are so thankful for Nick and Christine Perez, who adventured with and allowed for our crazy park-hopping schemes. We traveled to Animal Kingdom and Hollywood on Tuesday, followed up with Epcot and Magic Kingdom today. We also nearly missed the bus home, but had some great transport folks with Disney that allowed us to get back home without too much trouble. Besides a crummy-meh hotel, things have been great. We travel to Dallas Thursday evening and then get ready for an audition, a murder mystery, and more five-show days for the weekend!!

Hellloooooo Orlando!

Had a four-and-a-half show day of fun and wackiness, and now we get to go to Florida tomorrow for Disney magic!!! Wheeeeee!

Jews ordered to register in east Ukraine

Blood Moon, 4-12-2014. I love that lady.


oh, lunar eclipse

Going to do my best to see the lunar eclipse tonight! It should be bright and magical around 2:30 this morning. Party time with a camera!

I played 64 out of 111 on this list! How Much Of A Gamer Are You?

French say 'non' to work email after 6 p.m. - CNET

HOME, JAMES in theaters April 18th-24th (New York, Los Angeles, Tulsa, Portland)

While we wait an hour for our new glasses and contacts from Dr. Z's (and my pal Edward Zoellner), let's Tulsa up with some Hideaway Pizza! What a nice day. We are here to take some sweet car pics of a classic 1938 Plymouth today. Will we go back to Dallas today? Maybe.

I found myself in the Wild, Wild West!

'Seinfeld' Actor Dead At 50

Disney Finds Dozens Of Unauthorized Characters Appearing Illegally Inside Theme Park

Star Trek Continues - Space: The Final Frontier...

Looking up!