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The bad news: I'm stuck inside while I work background on a TV show. The good news: I'm getting paid to surf Facebook. And I do get to prance around outside from time to time.

Two Girls, One Trailer and the Great American Road Trip

The Actors’ Actors - Oklahoma Magazine - February 2014 - Tulsa, OK

Prince: The Very Best Of Prince - Music on Google Play

Twelve hours on set!

Coldplay: A Rush Of Blood To The Head - Music on Google Play

Durang / Durang? Wha happen Tulsa? Feel free to private message me.

Whew! Finished a long but fruitful second audition today. Its nice to know I have at least one job offer if another doesn't work out. Also, I'm working another episode of Dallas on Tuesday! Lastly, Sherlock is on tonight! What a world.

Very long day with a payoff! Two auditions, two callbacks and more tomorrow! And now, a healthy nap before I learn two more songs tonight.

Hello. The best things in life are never our possessions. Who we are and what we do to define the heart in life is the stuff that makes life worth living ;-)


Ow my back!!! What a pinch I'm in.

Tulsa World Photos of the Year

Ty and Jude's Tulsa Adventure!


Sherlock on PBS!

Tulsa Spotlight Theatre

Had loads of fun in Fort Worth with Sam today; botanical gardens, boba tea and a niiice day make me a happy lad.

Audition today! Musical variety. Big flags, French stuff.


I'm going to an orientation meeting for a new Dallas agency Saturday, but I thought I'd save time for their notes. Straight.

I'm thinking of some of my favorite character voices I like to do, and voices I may have done but forgotten. Any faves for a very silly demo reel? Darker Shakespeare clown Scottish Doctor Brain Pinky Derick Michael j fox Niles Giles Mr Burns Foghorn Austin Powers Alien President Sara Sara Sara Droopy Napoleon-Bobby's world style Moriarty-Sherlock edition Tony Clifton Freaking hipster Matthew mchaunehey

Community Post: The Top 50 Movie Posters Of 2013

Illiud Latine dici non potest. You can't say that in Latin.

Why The United States Is Frozen Solid

Bernie Wilson

Um... Is Anyone Else Shocked To Hear This Come Out Of Glenn Beck's Mouth?

Today before bed I'll go over some of the day: Woke up to find I booked a slot for a fun audition in a few weeks. One audition a week! Went on a really weird adventure with Sam and Jes to Fort Worth where we found ourselves at some weird Hooters Tex-Mex knockoff for lunch. Too chilly for that kind of stuff today, ladies. Got a parking ticket ;( Dropped Jes Lenee' off at the train station for another leg of her South America adventure! Went to see Saving Mr. Banks (really nice film) with Samantha Woodruff Saw the new Sherlock episode on the down-low Journaled and accepted my awesomeness in 2014 Drank and ate chocolate Not bad, except for the lamesauce parking ticket. Stupid ticket!

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Many blessings of light and love in 2014!