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We've been packing our house into the garage today so we can make a quick escape in a few days. So much art to haul! Samantha Woodruff is a lovely lady for letting me keep this infinite art. She never grumbles or anything! Hahah

One week before I break my back lifting my entire home from one state to another. YIKES.

Using this back massager makes me scream in pain as it hits a particular knot. SAM says my noises would be right at home in Shades of Gray.

Random sketch Tuesday! It's like a cross between Nick Cage and my hair.

Today feels like I've lived three days in one. Last night there was some kind of shoot out a block east on 11th so I don't think I slept too well. We got up and had our 7am garage sale, I had a rehearsal for a show around lunchtime, packed and dropped sassy junk at Goodwill, then shot scenes from the Drunkard with Samantha Woodruff. I live a leased life and I'm glad to be alive but I'm spent!

Thanks to everybody who came over to our garage sale. It was a big success! And now, after dropping off loads of stuff off at Goodwill it is seriously nap time.

Samantha and I will be performing in The Drunkard for the very last time this Saturday night (11th and riverside 7:30,918-587-5030 ) 19 days until we move things to to Dallas. Two weeks until Deathtrap with TPT... Timespace is crazy!

I kinda love that Guthrie Green. Not much beats a tasty chocolate treat and a lovely walk around downtown with your lady love.

It always makes me nervous when I book two gigs for one day; but when it all comes together I feel just like the A-Team! I hope the theme song is in your head too.

We got a new matress! Theres only one way to test this puppy out... Tuck and rolls!

Clothing test for Hipster Derick for a shoot this week ;)

I made this for Samantha's birthday. Two lovers

You heard it here first! Garage sale at out place on October 12th. We've got all of the good stuff. More info tba

I'm back in T-town with a vengeance! Our (Sam and I) travels were amazing. Today I'm shooting something fun today for an iOS app, then preparing for TPT's Deathtrap rehearsals in but two days!