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Tumbler is hard to customize!!! I don't get it!!! -Sam

I hope you like photos!

Yay!!!! I've gone on a lovely hike, checking out amazing photography and obviously finding some cheesecake, plain with my lady Samantha Woodruff. Thirty-freaking four. Bring on the life.

So before I go I wanted to announce I got my own muppet today as a pre birthday present. I'm pretty happy about that.

I'm heading off to Colorado for a few days to celebrate my birthday! Durango bound

Does anyone have a camera repair shop here in Tulsa that you've had success with? 'Tulsa Camera Repair' on 41st is not one I'd recommend.

Last night was a huge success at the Jazz Depot with Autumn Shade. The large painting turned out nice and will feature at the at show this Thursday!