Travels of February!

_IGP8698Hi friends! I got to go to Hot Springs this month. Here’s an album from my facebook!

Life’s been good. I have been teaching photography this month and will keep going through March. I was hired by Youth Services to help young adults see the potential of photography and I’ve had a grand time, from creating home-made flash bounces to field trips to a photo studio.

Acting-wise I’ve been busy. I have been shooting films this month and last. One is called Ghost Works Grey, where I play (of course) a rough guy. I am also playing the role of Curly at the PAC in March in Of Mice and Men. I play a real rat-bastard!


In the “good guys” category, you can find a short film that was recently completed, called Passing Through The Night. It’s intense and artsy! 

Passing Through The Night


I also was informed of a new trailer for a film I worked on was just released last week! This full-length film was called Teaching Faith, but is now called "Self-Delusion and Other Obstacles.” I don’t know anything about distribution, but they are working on it!

Self-Delusion and Other Obstacles

I know I’ve also been in The Drunkard and The Ultimate Murder Mystery when I can. You should make time for both of those shows! I love performing, obviously. Hot Springs was a wonderful trip away from home but it’s nice to be back.

In terms of art, I have been blessed to sell several works recently. I was commissioned in January to create a 30”x60” painting celebrating The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere for Senator Dan Newberry. I’ve worked with him for a few years promoting childhood literacy and look forward to more in the future! Here’s a video of me painting that large work!

Derick Snow Paints Midnight Ride!

Well, that’s about all the time I have this evening. There’s a winter storm of the century coming from OKC, so I’m going to get some hot tea and relax.


Have a great month!