Painted Necklaces by Snoweyes

A unique work of art; a necklace laid upon a beautiful neck to frame it’s shoulders does something to inspire the spirit. Each expressive necklace is transformative; individually created and adorned with imagery for the soul. Everyone deserves to showcase their individual style and these Painted Necklaces by Snoweyes (Derick Snow) truly do just that.


Each handcrafted necklace is about 2 1/2” in width, with a chord about 16” to tie around the neck. After being painted each work is sealed in an impact-resistant polymer glaze for longevity and signed in gold-leaf on the back with the artist’s trademark signature, the Snow Eye.

Here are links to each Etsy listing:


I’ve been painting these limited quantity necklaces in the last few months just for my Etsy fans. These beautifully handcrafted lightweight polymer clay circles were designed and sculpted by the ever crafty Samantha Woodruff. I painted the surface with acrylic paint with all of the creative gusto I bring when I paint gigantic live works on stage, but in a very macro fashion that allows the wearer to subtly show off the colorful world that I bring out in all of my works with sincere intensity.

I love creating art for friends. I crafted previous Painted Necklaces for them and immediately received glowingly positive remarks about these works of art from their friends’ friends. It didn’t stop there. People right off of the street stopped them to ask where they got them and got in contact with me for their own little works of art. Since so many others have clamored for me to make available more necklaces to purchase, I created this collection especially for 2012.

From oceans, trees and eyes to comical mustaches and poetic moons, each piece is an individual work of art in beautiful themes and styles for any personality. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I had creating them.



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