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The Cleverest Monkey

Psssst, here's a random story to test some stuff!
Once upon a time there was a marvelous little monkey. He ate an apple and said, "why isn't this a banana?"
Tossing his fruit aside, Monkey decided to find his holy fruit; he ambled briskly to the thick juicy tree before him and ripped it from its roots before gnawing a a place for himself.He needed a boat to go away to the Grove, where all banana dreams came true.  
Grovewas not an easy place to get to. It was far away in the middle of the yellow sea; it's inhabitants (called Bo-nanas) were also of the monkey eating variety, though Monkey was not unprepared. He coated his rump with a sticky-sweet jam that happened to frighten bo-nanas in a very unique way.  
As Monkey slid his new boat out to the open water, the Moon came lurking down from the sky to introduce the rules of the sea to newcomers as he did every Thursday evening
"Aha monkey, looks like a fine time for a float," whispered the moon. His old wear…