Silly Peter Pan

There are many stories in the world but
The tale of Peter Pan is one of my absolute favorites. Even before playing the character I probably read the story half a dozen times and I routinely go back to it as I dream of an adventure in my little life or think of a magical place to create when I paint.

I was just reading the Annotated Peter Pan ( ) and love the care and extra information about the author that are woven into the book. There are letters to love ones from and to Sir Barrie, illustrations galore and so much more. One of my favorite things I love is the script J. M. Barrie wrote for a silent film version he envisioned! Reading this has reminded me that I've been in three theatrical versions of Peter Pan; once as Peter himself, and twice as Smee. I've acted with two fine folks who have played The Pan; Jeremy Sumpter and Cathy Rigby (both of whom are in this book). I remember when Jes Lenee' played Pan at the Spotlight Theater too! (thanks David) It's fun to think I personally have entered into a little corner of the mythos and I look forward to strangely blending Peter Pan into my life some more thanks to this well-made reminder. Fans of the story of Peter and Wendy should definitely check it out. I would love I make a silent film using Barrie's unused script! Who's in?


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