Acting fun

It's been a fun little week with four different projects going on all at the same time. I'm just off of the first of three days as a heart patient in a lovely little film called 9.8. I shot in the chilly but lovely autumn nature for a dream sequence with a mysterious girl. More to come and I'm excited for the shoot.

My second project this week was two performances of Quillow and The Giant this morning and afternoon at schools in Broken Arrow and I truly enjoy performing for kids who have probably never even experienced theatre before this show. They get so excited for the giant and our silly antics!

Lastly I'm shooting an industrial film this weekend as a leisure employee for a company. I'm all lined up for wackiness and comedy as a slacker!

But that's not all! I'm painting tonight now that I've got a little downtime. I'm living he good life and I'll take more please!

I'll leave you with a pic I was sent from So this is Christmas, which was an amazing experience as a very intense character named after a car ;)
You can see Titus Makin, Richard Foster and me right I. The middle going over a scene. It was fun! The film stars Vivica A. Fox, Lexi Ainsworth, Titus Makin and Eric Roberts.


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