Holy Cow!


What a crazy, wonderful week! I am extremely lucky to say I’ve been booked for a feature film , called “So This is Christmas.” I’ve been really busy acting in theatre and it’s nice to fill out a character for the big screen. LIke all good things it’s coming and going very fast, shooting begins this Sunday and goes for a few weeks. The fist auditions went well and the call back with the producers also went well, but like a good actor I didn’t expect it until I got the call yesterday. I’m simply running around like crazy getting things together for all of this and my motor has been turned from “trotting turtle” “rabbit.”

I am really, really booked up the next few weeks with Ultimate Murder Mystery and The Drunkard, as usual. I’ve also begun shows for Billie Sue Thompson for Quillow and The Giant; our first performance for kids at schools begins today.

Also this week I’ve had some interviews for a new position in the corporate offices of where I work. I would love that and the last interview I had went very well. They let me know I’ll hear the final news early next week. I have so much pent up working knowledge and I’m very happy to get the opportunity after a year literally running laps at work Winking smile

I’m also really enjoying the lovely Autumn we’re having. The sunsets have been wonderful and the moon continues to inspire my art. I told myself I would be painting more once I wrapped out of the musical Urinetown, but things just seem to be picking up, which I entirely welcome. I hope to be able to utilize these crazy gifts I’ve been blessed with and inspire others to take the more interesting path in their life. A friend of mine met an artist who had a show this week; the artist had lovely moon-inspired works. As my friend asked her about her inspirations, the artist said that her favorite artist, Derick Snow inspired her to create nature inspired works of art from her spirit. My friend asked if the artist had told me, but the artist was too nervous to let me know, so my friend said she would let me know. The artist beamed and thanked her!

When I heard that I simply dropped my jaw and  felt so humbled by that artist. To inspire creativity has always been one of my callings. That’s why I created Quick Draw Derick, and that’s why I write this silly little blog. I hope everyone fills their life with little blessings and lives life to it’s fullest.

Now, off to rehearse for two shows today!


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