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Return of the Moon on X
by snoweyes. It's been a month of joy and adventure, but no blogging. I'm alive and well!

I had a few art shows, many murder mysteries and even a Drunkard performance or two in the last month or two. Sam and I traveled down Route 66, painted a Table with friends, played downtown, visited Branson and SDC, and traveled little places in the middle of working through the month at our little "dayjobs" and all of that fun.We took in warm weather, cold weather and wet weather, all for the love of interesting things in Tulsa. We took portraits of actors and friends and loved ones. We dyed eggs with friends, watched movies with family and ate yummy treats along the way. Sam and I also celebrated our three years together. What a month!

I'm gearing up for a few things in the next few weeks:
I'm painting at Mayfest, so look for me!

Sam and I are acting in Murder Mysteries on the 14th and 28th, so some out and see us some Saturday night at www.ultimat…