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Ah Ah Autumn

On a faded Autumn evening
Near the edge of the wood
I came upon two paths
One well maintained and used
The other mysterious and
Unused by the Common Man.
I took the path more traveled.
It was not only easier but
There was a McDonald's right
Next to the yummy Starbucks.
Not too shabby for an Autumn Day.
-Bob Mist xoxo
Bob Mist is the antithesis of Robert Frost, as discovered by my friend Ty and I.:)Oh, oh big news. You know how I wanted one of those amazing mixing devices, the Vitamix? Well…we are now the proud owners of a Vitamix, courtesy of Sam’s dad! He got one back in 1983 and used it for about 5 years until Sam’s mom made him put it away. It’s in good condition. I’ve already made a delish mango sorbet last week, and Sam made an amazing tortilla soup, salsa and guacamole for friends last night. It blends like a jet engine. It cooks using the POWER OF IT’S OWN BLADES. I’m very happy with it and the amount of raw foods we’ll be eating in the future…

Adventures in randomville and painting galore

I randomly got free tickets to the fair and skyride today, so my lady gal Samantha and I paid one last trip to the Tulsa State Fair.Our main goal was to get some peach wine from some friends who have had great success with a booth (Whispering Vines) and ran into one of the folks who helped out on Quick Draw Derick, Scott Pendleton of the Pendleton family fiddlers! I tend to run into someone I know every single place I go to here in Tulsa. I love running into all of the best of Tulsa when I’m bouncing around.While we were at the Fair last week, I happily discovered that I won 1st place on one of the five photos I submitted, and Sam won 2nd for one of hers. I still don’t always understand why one photo wins and another gets passed by, but the photo and art exhibits are one of my personal favorite reasons for going to the fair every year. That, and the free Vita-mix samples. I want one!Yesterday my friend Leah celebrated her birthday, the day before 10-10-10. Me and my gang of friends we…