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Birthdays, Woolaroc, Los Angeles and Ben Affleck?

I’ve had a lot of time away from writing this last month since my last full blog. I’ve been really busy! Let’s start from August. I’ve alot to write, but it’s juicy at the end so stay with me!!!Peter Pan ran to it’s satisfying end in Branson on August 15th. When folks ask when it’s coming back to Branson I’m confident that it’s over for good in the Ozarks. It was a good run and I am blessed to have been in such a brilliant show with amazing, talented actors and dancers and backstage folk I made great friendships with. I really liked Branson, but I’m happy to be moving on.Is that the end of all Peter Pan for me? I think not. There’s something big coming up, but that’s in nearly a year. I’ll let you know once things get rolling.After August 15th, we began the fun of moving into Tulsa to save up and stop spending so much money for a change. Samantha’s Dad let us stay at his house for a few weeks while we went on the grand adventure of looking for jobs and housing. As soon as we hit T-To…

I’m still alive ;)

I am indeed alive! After getting in T-town I’ve been so ridiculously busy, what with finding a place to stay, moving, moving in, finding a job and starting training, it’s been a little hectic to be sure!I’ve go to work tomorrow morning so I’ll keep it short, with more to come! In the realm of art I got to paint with a cool band headed up by a girl named Chelsea Coleman at Cherry St. a few weeks ago. Sam and I’ve also submitted to the Tulsa State Fair for various photography categories, so when it rolls around in a few weeks feel free to check the photography out!Well, I’m off so I’ll let you know more later, yes?