Flowers and Pirates

Sunset meadowThis week has been the start of deep rehearsals before beginning a new play. Once again, I am donning a pirate stance. I am also in a comedic role. Crazy, right? I’m playing the role of Thousand Summers in a new show called Evernight: The Musical. I’ve got long, flowing locks or red with my arms jutting out of a sexy vest. My character is absolutely in love with himself. I’ve given him some loving qualities mixed with Inigo Montoya from the Princess Bride and Puss In Boots as played by Antonio Banderas, so you know it’s a very serious role for the ages. At the very least it’s a fun show with a lot of schmancy songs that kids will enjoy.

The show is playing all the way down in a city south of Los Angeles called Oceanside at a venue called the Star Theatre and it’s a groovy retro theatre that doubles as a church on Sundays. It’s about a half-hour away from San Diego and the drive is a thing of beauty. Ocean and beaches line the end of the drive and I’ve had a grand time in the one day I’ve played in earnest. I’ve met interesting people and already had a lot of fun dancing and being ridiculous. I’ve begun documenting the show and I’m taking my fancy camera tomorrow to take pictures of the cast and crew of the show.

Over the week I plan on not only staying in Oceanside a night or two, but also CAMPING on the beach. I’m excited! The week will go quickly but I will do my absolute best to take advantage of my time in this show and with interesting people in interesting places. I simply love meeting and seeing into the hearts of bright souls. I’ve got a nice start and look forward to more.

It’s t-minus three weeks until Peter Pan begins it’s journey on my own soul again, sending me on a grand road trip back across Route-66 through Tulsa to Branson. On the way I’ve got a bit more of that film to shoot. I’d love to hang with anyone who can find me!

We’re looking for a new place to stay in the next month, and packing away much of my stuff into storage while I’m off. We’re looking to save money for the next few months and stroage plus cheaper rent will greatly help us out to remain flexible.

And now I leave you with a nice picture I took at a park near my house. It’s an ok place near a highway, but there’s this wonderful tree that drops these little purple flowers. There are so many beautiful and perfumed petals the shadow of the tree is purple. It’s brilliant!


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