From a bedroom on a day off

14991_1439849680011_1346125154_1184608_4267208_nHi and welcome back! Pull up a tumbleweed. I’ve got a day off from the film but that’s not the end of my acting for the next two days. I’ve got an audition in less than an hour and a Murder Mystery on the 7th for a private party. I’m trying to work in some art, family and fun while I’m at it.

Here’s a little production photo from one of the days we’re at a place called the Crystal Pistol. I did most of my work that night before a horde of extras came in. If you’d like to be in the film as an extra I’m sure we’ve got a few days coming up that we could really use lots of folks!

I’ve been very busy and focused while working on this project. It’s got a long plot but just let me tell you that it’s funny, got a nice amount of heart and the actors that I work with are on their game. I’ve got another week shooting and then I play hop, skip, rest, Los Angeles, hop skip and four days later I’m in Tulsa for more.

I wish I had more time to tell you about it but I’m a busy little lad today. Tomorrow morning will be the first day I’ve slept in in a while and I think I’ll take great advantage!


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