The Art of SnowEyes: Two Loves

Two-Loves-20x20-Acrylic A-1
Two Loves
Acrylic on Canvas
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For my birthday I was given a gift that allowed me to get this lovely square-format canvas. As I moved to Los Angeles I had a celebration by painting this work, entitled Two Loves. Over the course of two months I added layer upon layer to the finished work you see here.

A world-weary moon looks lovingly at the heart of the Earth, a tree that valiantly stretches toward the heavens where Father Moon lives. They both linger in a wistful moment at sunset behind their soul connection. Splashes of color adorn this canvas, with rich yellow and orange hues creating the light versus dark motif found in the sky, richly shaded tree, emotive moon and flowing Earth moving beneath the two loves. Flourishes of bronze and blue spark the edges of subject, and just a hint of light hits the wise moon's eyes. My trademark Snoweye lives on the bottom right corner of the canvas.

Two-Loves-20x20-Acrylic A-2Two-Loves-20x20-Acrylic A-3
There are many hidden symbols I've created along the way. I invite you to bask in the subtle complexities I truly love making in each work.

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