The Art of SnowEyes: Meadow To Ashes

meadow to ashes 24x36-noframe 
Meadow to Ashes
Acrylic on Canvas
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This large painting is truly a colorful work of art. The light is low and brooding but is filled with a hopeful flourish in the red fluttering scarf and peering sunrise/sunset defiant in the face of a coming storm.
A deep orange-violet sky covers beautifully textured green swept plains. In focus you'll find three downed-brightly colored sunflowers days after their highest moments. They withdraw, for a storm is coming to this place, thick with warm-toned solitude near the last remaining tree in the last meadow near rough seas. Just behind that tree leaning behind thick trunk is a girl's grey-green shadow living out her finer moments in repose, crimson scarf fluttering in anticipation. The moon looks on in wonder.


I started this by painting live at an art show March 18th in Downtown Los Angeles for a group that offered to host my art. I began the night by playing my accordion to create a mood that had intense and exciting moments that night, which allowed me to lay the foundation of the work with bold colors and the singular tree that exists in this world of X. I finished it a few months later at the end of May (5-30) by painting the sunflowers that became the forefront of the work. I then added the girl with her brilliant crimson scarf, found by moving the viewer between the flowers and tree. Laying actual petals from a dried Sunflower on the canvas finished off the work.


My trademark Snoweye lives on the bottom right corner of the canvas in the orange-yellow theme inspired by the flowers.


There are many hidden symbols I've created along the way. I invite you to bask in the subtle complexities I truly love making in each painting.

The title draws inspiration from a song by Autumn Shade, available soon at

This 36x24 painting is large enough to make any wall look complete. Due to it's size, unless I can personally hand-deliver this work (Tulsa, OK or Los Angeles, CA) I will be rolling the canvas for the price of shipping.

A poem was written that goes with this work. It is titled "Whatever Tree" and a copy will be included, signed by the artist.

Whatever Tree
Makes you think

Of those vines
In the creek

Where the heart of
The poet ceases to beat

From the silence of mind
And it's shuffling feet

Covers her spirit
To bring endless sleep.

Whatever tree
Makes you think

Seek considerate smiles
For a dance-
Dance for me.

Whatever tree
Makes you dance

Thru the night
Under fence,

Lightly treading
Through secret plans!

Forest fires leaping
The grasp of their hands

Lily sprites flutter
O'er hidden lands

Allowing the river
And his most sacred man

Of that moon-
A quiet dance.

Whatever tree
Makes you think-
Whatever tree
Makes you dance-

Allow the heart
To deliciously sink-

Naked in waters
Forever entranced.

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