As the days fly by

Let me get that for you...Man has time flown since I last wrote. April and March  shaped up to be a busy little few months.

The photo you see is from a fun trip Sam, Carrie and I had at a place in Hollywood called Madame Tussauds in Hollywood. We had free tickets and got to pretend to be with celebrities! Above is some lady that had some errant hair on her cleavage. I was doing her a favor, and Sam sees a fly or something on my head. We’re so helpful!

What’s been up this month?

Almost too much!

Let’s see. I was in a show of the series “House.” I am a new dead guy for the season finale. I can’t tell you much, but I was very bloody and had lots of fun working with the cast and crew. I must admit I’m not much of a TV watcher, but I always appreciate working on set and seeing the new tech people are working with. D-SLR cameras that shoot HD video amazes me and I thought someone should be using the format. It looks so pretty!

Sam’s sister Carrie came and left, my friend Jes’ mom and sister, Jana and Kim came to LA for a week. There was one slight trick that came with that deal. I found out not too long before that I was being flown out to Tulsa to read a script with the fully assembled cast for a film I’m working on in May on the same few days they were coming to stay at our place. That lead to a long day of airport back-and-forth for Sam, and a long airplane to Tulsa flight for me. Timing was off, but we all made with what we could.

I got in to T-Town and blew through town on a three-day whirlwind! That first day I was whisked away to  climb a tree with friends, and paint as a special guest with musician Jes Lenee’ at a place called Dilly Deli. I painted up some fun thing to a pretty nice crowd even though I used all borrowed supplies I had great fun painting with Jes and friends for that night! I spent the night under her piano and the the very next morning I was picked up by none other than Quick Draw Derick’s Eraser Dan! Yes, Jeff Howard took me over to C-9 productions and I got to meet the entire cast of Teaching Faith.

That evening I performed in an Ultimate Murder Mystery at Molly’s landing and I had lots of fun working and shaking my chakas as everybody’s loveable Ice, the lead singer of the 80’s tribute band, The Oxymorons. I screwed up one line but more than made up for it in "Zany." That night I slept in a bed with another man and it was a spoonless night with James Fields. Thanks for the place Jim!

That Sunday morning I got to have brunch and hang out with my brother and Mom before having to leave once again on a tiny jet plane.

That was good stuff. Here’s some of the other side of that coin.

I’ve done two art shows in Downtown Los Angeles.

The day after I last wrote on the SnowEyes blog, we had one art show downtown LA. It went alright. The building was a little strangely laid out and nobody really found the art space. There was a death metal band nearby and the mood was not really meant for live painting. In between their sets I brought out my accordion and played my death-metal-iest sounds I could come up with. I still ended up painting something nice and the night would have ended really well if someone hadn’t have broken into Samantha’s car during the night. They broke a window and stole the XM radio I had gotten her for Christmas! That kind of added a layer of meh to the night but by the end of the next day we had a new car window, cancelled the XM (and disabled the stolen unit so no one can ever use it ever again!), had a free receiver from XM sent to us with a complimentary audio installation voucher. Thanks XM for the kind gesture!

That was kind of the beginning for some unfortunate events in our world. Not five days later and poor little Sam’s car broke down in the worst possible way after being screwed up by a mechanic in a shady part of LA and is had to have the engine rebuilt.

But wait, that’s not all! When Sam was at work two weeks ago some kid pulled on the character head she was wearing and nearly pulled her neck out of socket. The kid got kicked out, but Sam still hasn’t recovered. She’s getting better but has been off of work healing.

But wait, there’s more! I got a terrible bout of food poisoning on Wednesday morning. I must’ve eaten something terrible previously, but it was small enough to slowly brew overnight. by that morning, just before lunch I lost mine. I had a spiritual cleansing in a Panda Express bathroom, praying to a porcelain deity. I didn’t have any food yet, so don’t blame the Asian food! I have a suspicion it was a chicken sandwich I had the day before from KFC. I blame myself for even going there anymore, really. Anyhow, I was in bed right after that experience for about twenty hours and then broke through to the other side. I had scheduled an audition on Wednesday and was lucky enough to postpone until that Saturday. Unluckily, Sam had to go to work for an appointment and I was too ill to bring her back. We still didn’t have her car back from the shop and she can’t drive a stick, which gave Samantha a perfect chance to ride the city bus for the first time! After some chaos and worries and sleep, she got home, I got better after a day on liquid, and we finally got the car back. It took  long time and we just got the car only yesterday! It runs great. It had better run beautifully for years!

Yesterday I got to audition for an Improv group in LA. I wished I had brought some water to the audition. After a few warm-up sets I felt a little crazy and dehydrated but I think I got through everything just fine. I love improv! And the guy who runs it had a past with my favorite weird cult film group, the one that produced my favorite childhood film, “J-Men" Forever!” I don’t really expect things after an audition; that’s just the way I roll, then get pleasantly surprised if things go well.

Saturday night I had another fun art show. I met a few great souls and even sold a painting; the guitar I made a little while back. Here’s a picture from it, courtesy of Samantha:

All The Work Pays Off

That’s a before and during shot of the art gallery. Isn't it cool? It was a nice space and alot of people made it out. There was a Chill DJ playing music and everyone I saw came away pretty happy with the event. I sold the guitar I painted, which frees me up to paint some more music instruments in the near future.

How do I find out about such stuff? Craigslist!

Today Sam had an audition up near the Angeles National Forest. It was a beautiful part of the world! The children of the party were ridiculously cute and Sam did great. After that we went driving around the area and found some great trail to adventure upon. The path had a waterfall and a stream cut through with a nice peaceful sound. The only bad thing was that some people had tagged the trees and rocks with spray paint. What the heck? What did that tree do to you?

Tonight when we got back I got to play the accordion for hours and my fingers, mind and heart finally started to absolutely click and I have begun to really master that silly, heavy cumbersome beautiful instrument. My arm got incredibly sore but I’m having a great time with it.

Tomorrow I look for more work, as usual! I’ve got some leads and I’m following them!

I’ll write again sooner than later!


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