Misadventures in LA

Hello! Let's update my life.

Yesterday we took a wonderful hike up in Malibu. There's some great nature, waterfalls, and abandoned structures. As you can see the house was huge before it burned down in the 80s and eventually got turned into a public hiking trail. The first time I came was with my old friend River Behnkin back in 2004 and I've been yearning to return.

Last Sunday Sam and I were invited to go on a photo tour, sponsored by the LA Tourism Department, Discover LA and Star Line Tours. The photo part of the day was extremely fun. I've uploaded a ton of pictures from the event if you want to see my images.

The day was filled with emotional highs and lows. Before the tour even began, we made a few wrong turns and were nearly late. We found some parking a few blocks away and rushed to join the tour. An all-day tour can be exhausting, if only for all the direct sunlight on an open double-decker bus. I brought my hat and shades but ended up with a bit of a sunburn on my nose. Ah well, it faded and I've not had too many problems, skin wise. However, after the tour we walked back to Sam's car only to discover that it was gone. Absolutely gone.

Who knows, maybe we misread the sign. Maybe we got towed. There was a number on the sign, so I pulled out my cell phone and dialed the number posted.

The number was disconnected. Bad form, Los Angeles! If you are going to post a number and then disconnect it, please, please put a sticker or something over the old one with, oh, I don't know. Maybe the actual phone number?

I walked a few blocks away and found a temporary, No Parking foam board sign with another number on it. Ridiculous. But I call it and get through to an operator who forwards me on to the tow company in the area. We chat and it turns out there were two warnings on the sign. One was no parking from a time on Monday-Friday, and a no parking 10am-2 for tour buses. Silly me, I thought the Monday-Friday would exclude me, as it was Sunday. We were wrong. $250 worth of wrong.

On the bright side, we have great people that helped us (Sam Barrios, aka Sidekick Sam) out by picking us up and taking us to the tow place, which was open 24-hours. We got in and out pretty quickly, a very peculiar end to a long day.

All's well, though.

The photo tour fun isn't over. We've been invited to a party where we may win prizes for our fancy photo-taking. More free food and good times with interesting people!

Both Sam and I auditioned for a few roles two weeks ago and I found out about one of them. I've been cast in a new musical called "Evernight!" Not only that, but Sam got a part as well! The show will be work-shopped, which basically means we as actors prepare our roles with the producers of the show, smoothing out songs and script before it does a proper run. Once that happens, we would get first refusal to audition for the second and paid show. It starts off easy enough, with one Day a week rehearsals up until June.

I'm still preparing for the art show on March 13th in Pasadena, and looking forward to painting with a band live onstage on the 11th.

Sam's been doing well working at the house of mouse. She's working more regularly and enjoys herself, which means we may be able to afford to live here someday! Kidding :P

Other than that, life's pretty darn nice and I'm having great fun. Until next time!


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