March 15, 2010 Stuffs

Art Show SuccessMy weeks have been moving smoothly like butta. I’ve had some good stuff going on.

I went to the photo tour gala and had a great time at a VIP room @ House of Blues last week. I got to meet some interesting people and have some lovely conversations about photography. I got some free shwag in the form of tickets to Universal Studios and Madame Tussaud’s in addition to good food and drink. House of Blues smelled better than I expected. The savory smell of patchouli wafted in the express elevator I was shown to and when I got up to our area the mood lighting and art on the walls made me feel pretty good about the whole experience. Even better, I’ve been invited to more events and I love the culture and the chance to capture some of it with my little camera.

I had my art show last Saturday and I had some fun friends come out and got to show my art to Pasadena for the first time. There was a very good turnout and my paintings will be there for two weeks. If you are in the area of Nova Gallery, you’ll notice two of my pieces (Return of The Box On X; Trepidation) shining in the front of the gallery. I often walked in front of galleries and thought how nice it would be to have my work viewable from the street and now I get that little treat this week. That’s not all for art fun this very week though!

This Thursday (3/18) from 8-midnight I’ve been invited as a performance artist at a place called The Airliner. It is at 2419 No. Broadway L.A. 90031, a mere one mile of Chinatown in LA, near Eagle Rock, Echo Park, Highland Park, etc. So those friends who couldn’t make it out to Pasadena can get the chance to hang out and watch me paint live to musicians, as well as see me play my accordion and make some sweet music in front of other crazy artists. If you can make it I would be happy to see you!

I’ve also been at work on a new show here in Los Angeles called Evernight: The Musical. I’m in the workshop cast and we’ll have a performance or three in May/June, before I get called away for Peter Pan. We had our first reading yesterday and I’m pretty happy with the goings on so far. I’ll let you know more info as it develops…

This week Sam’s sister Carrie made it to stay in LA and I’m the tour guide today. I’m off to get some tasty tacos, then all the great touristy goodies people want to see around these parts :)

I hope all is well!


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