Earthquakes and Fun Stuff

In firstly unrelated news, here’s a fun video that was produced from the photo tour I was a part of a few weeks ago. I’m in it a few times and my pictures are dispersed throughout. Enjoy.

And now, a true story.

We woke up at 4 this morning to the earth shaking, and had nothing to do with it.

Indeed! I woke up around 4 to some quaking earth! Sam and here sister were here. Sam and I were fast asleep in our room, with our house guest Carrie in the other room when it got all rumbly. As soon as I realized what was going on I ran us all under the doorframe in the hall and covered our heads. It was a 4.4 I read. Nothing fell over or shifted or anything. It lasted maybe 15 seconds. It felt interesting considering I hadn't felt one in a long while but nothing really happened other than the sound waves freaking us out. We're a-ok!

I’ve got some plans today mostly involving Santa Monica and the Ocean, followed by figuring out some scheduling conflicts with a few projects in the future. Have fun everyone!


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