Stick Around

I've been having a bit of fun with photography tonight, and I thought I'd update our happenings.

The good news is that we have internet at our house. It's nice to be able update, even though I now have to fight the urge to hit up the internet too often. I want to be out and about, moving and shaking and all that jazz. The best times in my life come when I'm living in the world.

This week Sam and I have been setting up our new place, going to IKEA and all that. IKEA is like a cruise ship in size, with one floor taking up showroom space so you can see all the furniture as if you were living in it. It was fun and we bought an inexpensive kitchen table and drawers for our room and put it all together using their handy instructions that use absolutely no words. We're looking for a couch and a futon to fill out the our humble domicile.

So with all the talk of warm weather in my last posts I have been running away from the rain all day today. I started the day with Sam and I going off to somewhere around Hollywood and Vine to have lunch with none other than Todd Walker, best known as the pirate who says, "Ay 'tis the man with the hook!" in a precious Asian dialect somewhere closer to Kansas. He's around for a week but we had lots of fun even though the weather wasn't as kind as it should be to a person coming all this way.

It's a little late so I'll continue this some other time. This week we may have auditions for a pirate dinner theatre company here in SoCal. Wouldn't that be fun?


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