Road Trip 2010: Route 66 Edition

Me Myself and IHi all! I'm writing from a hotel room from somewhere in Amarillo, Texas. Our fancy California road trip started today and we are both excited for our future prospects. No matter what I think we’ll enjoy the change in weather. It’s temp in LA gets up to 70 degrees, which I can absolutely deal with. It’s been so cold in Tulsa and Branson I don’t think we could have left at a better time than this week. We hope to get to SOCAL on Saturday, taking our time winding around Route 66. We left Tulsa a bit later than we would have liked to, so we have to get at least 400 miles under our belt if we are to make good time. Sunday is our little Disney Audition day.

The reason I waited to go earlier today was I needed to get my new car registered before I left, so I wouldn’t have to pay a late fee for registering after thirty days. Alas, there have been so many little delays in the process I wasn’t able to until I get the insurance policy in the mail. Such is life. Don’t worry about us though. We are in Sam’s peppy little car and I won’t see the car for a month anyway…

One good thing I learned about before we left Tulsa this morning is that a casting director friend of mine got back to me and is helping us in the search for an agent in LA. I use Linda Layman in Tulsa and have been happy with them but it’s always so difficult to get work in a town you don’t have an agent in. While she didn’t promise anything definite, it’s wonderful that people try to help a silly fella like me and a lovely lass as Sam :) We sent our headshots (mine is what you see in today’s blog) and resumes along with the hopes of the wind!

In the next week I’ll update you on our adventures along the mother road to Los Angeles and further adventures up all the way up to Canada. I hope we have the time of our lives!

I’m going to actually get up early, which hasn’t happened anytime recently. Hey, I don’t have a day job, right? It’s tricky for me these days but I have this great thing called an alarm clock.

It’s midnight so I bid you all great days tomorrow and I’ll write again soon!


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