On The Open Road

One more day and we get to fabulous LA!

It's late but I'll post a wee update. I got up this morning and had a nice jacuzzi, spinning around in our over-sized bathtub fun toy while listening to the amazing CD from the movie Little Miss Sunshine. Go pick that album up friends.

We all eventually got up and out and made our way up past New Mexico, past the huge crater out here in Arizona, taking pics along the way and have ended up in Kingman, AZ. It's pretty nice here and we had long stop in the evening for coffee since there's a big expanse of Navajo desert after that. Tomorrow we get to drive for about six hours and then we reach our destination in California!

We've been taking many, many pictures so check the usual places for some outstanding work by myself and Sam, if I do say so myself :)

Off to bed.

I'm excited. All I can say is that tomorrow I get to eat In-N-Out for the first time since 2003! That's totally worth the trip.


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