Day Dos El Road Trip

Gas Stop

Hello from New Mexico! I'm sure I can't keep this pace up but I'll post while I have the internet connection. The first day came and went with us leaving Amarillo TX and ending up in Gallup, New Mexico. Tomorrow we get to blow through Arizona on our way to an audition in LA.

Tonight we get to stay at a posh hotel with a fancy pool and hot tub and best of all: Waffle Maker breakfast! Woohoo!

Here’s our timeline. I wish we could stop and go up to the Grand Canyon, but we don't think we have enough time before Sunday's appointment with the Disney folks, so we'll hopefully get the chance to see that part of AZ on our way back next month. If we have time tomorrow we're stopping somewhere beautiful in the Painted Desert and spending the night in Arizona. Maybe Flagstaff?

Friday is our date with a place called SoCal. We are staying a week with our awesome friend Samantha Barrios, aka Sidekick Sam on Quick Draw Derick! Incredible! WHOOoooaooaa....!

I don't think we could have picked a better week for warmth. Warmth jackpot!

Before I leave, I must let you know about some of our pictures we've been taking along the way. Not only can you click on the photo above for my flickr fun, here's a link to my photos on facebook and here’s some of Samantha’s photos from the road. Keep posted as we’ll add more along our journey!


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