Rock and or Roll!

Hi everyone!

I've been enjoying the final bits of warm weather outside as much as possible. We went to some beautiful creeks and places that we discovered in Missouri.

This week Sam performed in a great rendition of Thriller for the Forsythe Harvest Moon festival. Now with that done, we are back in Tulsa for Murder Mystery fun with two shows this week.Tuesday is the 80's rock n roll tribute show, Do Really Want to Hurt Me, Do You Really Want To Kill Me Now? Saturday is the Western show filled with fun and mayhem with me playing the part of the brilliant Thespian J Templeton Nash, esquire!

This week is going to be fun in addition to acting. The Tulsa State Fair and Halloween festival in Muskogee is calling out for us and I think I'm going to answer it's call! I'm excited for other little things this month, like a possible art show just before Peter Pan picks up again. A new coffee and wine shop called Vintage Paris has invited me to show my art for a show and I can't wait to put some art on the walls of Bransonians! Here's hoping all works out!

What else...Speaking of Pan, we have a new Hook! What's his name? I have no idea! And in other news, it seems likely that in January and February I'll be in Tulsa to act in a film. More on that later.... :)


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