Happy Days Are Here Again

Sam and I have been having a fairly lovely week with a few Murder Mysteries and adventures with my friends. It's hard to believe it's getting so cold and the end to a Peter Pan break is coming to an end. In a few weeks I pick back up again with Piratey goodness and a regular workweek kicks in. How peculiar! I think we've felt a bit like hobos bouncing from place to place in the month since our Paris trip but we've had a lot of fun visiting friends, family and complete strangers.

This week I've gotten the chance to get back into a little bit of web work (internets) and I like the variety and goals of getting something finite done. I'ts just a little work but any work is good work! Feel free to send some my way, if you like :)

Tomorrow I've got a meeting about a possible film project in January with none other than Jeff Howard, also known as the evil Eraser Dan! He's got a project I would love to work with. I'll find out more about it all tomorrow.

Saturday is yet another murder mystery. Samantha W is playing a new role, the powerful and (pushy) Fanny Canard to my Thespianic J. Templeton Nash! I'm excited!

We come back to Branson on Monday for more of thatstuff and I hope to line up my art show in the next week stay tuned!


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