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On being back

See Hear
by snoweyes. So Sam and I have been "back" for about a week or so. I use the term just barely so since we seem to be bouncing back and forth rather than being in Branson or even Tulsa proper! Once we arrived I've been working on getting my little photos edited and uploaded. The process is a bit slow but I'm so happy with what both of us captured on the trip.

We also jumped right back into Murder Mysteries in Catoosa and had one last weekend which went very well. Sidekick Sam of Quickdraw fame came back for the month so we get to play on the weekends for those wacky murder mysteries.

I've got a lot of time before the next run of Peter Pan so I'm happy to be in those murder mysteries. I've also got some other hopeful projects coming up with Jeff Howard and a possibly maybe Halloween commercial lined up in the next few bits of time.

Sam and I are also working on getting a little photo business up and running here in Branson and surrounding areas. If y…

Last few days

Euro Disney Children
by snoweyes. Paris has four days remaining for Sam and I. Today we went to Disney Paris for a real deal that we found. Locals in the Parisian district ha could get in for under €30. If we couldn't get that deal we wouldn't be able to afford the entry, so we gave the online reservation a go and we actually got in! I was very pleased, even though the weather has gotten considerably colder and rainier this week. The temp has easily dropped into the low 60s and it just keeps getting wetter. Fortunately the rain didn't stay and we had a blast. I'm out of time so I'll write again soon!

What to be when you grow up?

by snoweyes. I was chatting up the actor's lifestyle today and I wrote a little bit about how I make extra money for things like trips and adventures in-betweet acting gigs.

Where should you start if you want to jump out as an actor but still have a need to pay the bills? You can't simply work a 9-5 job if the daytime is when all the gigs are. You've got to absolutely get creative.

I'll use myself as an example. In the next month I will work on.: creating a website for a company, shooting headshots for actors, selling a painting, submit photoraphy to a few magazines for freelance, etc. And in two months continue my show in Peter Pan in Branson and then I'll get to act in a film in February. This economy favors a freelance market and you've got to spread yourself out there until something catches hold! Unfortunately an actor's life isn't exactly stable but it makes for a nice story. I make anough money to live comfortably, even though I have changed…