What's up?

I wanted to write a wee update to my silly life. I'm still performing in Peter Pan here in Branson. It's a big, big show and ticket sales are nice and strong. The last week before the break in Mid-August is coming up and Sam and I are going to Paris, France! For three weeks!

But from August 10th to August 18th trip I'm going to be in Tulsa, which means I want to paint with some groovy artists and bands. After the trip I'm also going to be in t-town Sept 10th-ish from then to late October very off and on, and I want to paint like crazy before I have to get back into the acting side of life.

So hit me up, thanks friends. I'm in the mood for some painting/art/crazy times/bonfires/non-drug fun :)

November the Branson Pan continues on, so feel free to buy tickets till Christmas :)


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