UTW Best Artist in Tulsa?!

Hey, I've got some pretty incredible news. Earlier this week I got a notice from the fine folks at the Urban Tulsa Weekly (Tulsa's free local newspaper) that I was nominated for the Absolute Best of Tulsa awards for Best Local Artist! I didn't even know I was nominated or submitted, but when I heard the news I sent them this picture and some others from my artistic painting sessions. I told a few people about the nomination and before too long I learned that I....won...the award! The paper comes out Friday, so feel free to get me a copy while I'm up in Branson for another month in Peter Pan.

I was so baffled that I won, but extremely grateful. It's so heartening to know that I have fans and friends who so support a crazy artist as myself. Thank you very, very much for your support. I have this funny philosophy that if you give without greed, love without baggage, and just grow as you are meant to without fear anything can happen. I feel little signs and gifts from the cosmos like this only remind me I'm on the right path.

If you happen to be in Hollister this Friday, I'm having an art party to celebrate the win. I'm using a human canvas and I'll photograph the work at the end of the fun. It's from 2-6 anytime before I have to leave for Pan.

Saturday my Mom, sis and her family is coming to see my show! I'm happy that they are coming up! I think we'll have some Silver Dollar City fun on Sunday.

Also Saturday Sam is going to Tulsa for a WICKED good time, hint hint. I wish I could go but alas, I'm working. Last week Sam got to shoot a very cool commercial titled, "Zombie Tag". It looks really, really fun from what I've seen.

I hope all is well in your world!



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