Oh lately...

I realize I enjoy updating my goofy website, and have neglected to do anything of the sort recently. So here goes my bit of writing I try to get on with!

I took the photo you see along the beauteous river here in Tulsa last weekend when the temperature was a perfect 70 degrees. How I miss that day.

I got sick a few days ago. Sick! Not fun. I thought I had eaten something that made me so...interesting, but nope. Good, old-fashioned stomach virus. Today I had an actual bite of pie. Whoa!

In the process of healing, I went and made dear Sam ill. Sorry! She says it's ok, so I'll try to forgive myself. We are both recovering nicely for the most part. We just eat very little. Like mice.

Today we went to see the musical The Color Purple. It was a boisterous show and now I'm all filled up with booty-shaking soul. Hoo-yah-mm-mmm.

I also got a new phone since I last wrote to replace my slooow phone. And then I broke it. And I just got another one to replace it! I'm now contactable. I broke the "old" new one flying ass-first into the ground during a murder mystery. The "new" new phone I'll try to be better with.

Oh, last time I wrote, I said I was going to see the last performance of Sam's production of Shades of Gray. Not only did I, but I also took a whole mess of pictures, some of which you can find on Sam's Facebook photo page for the play. I will warn you that some of the images are RACY and SAUCY and...now you just have to look, don't you?

Next week I'm in a murder mystery at Molly's Landing! Of course you can get tickets at their official website (I created, heheh) @

I'll end this saying, this week has been cold. Brr.


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