January Weekend, 2009

January Moods
I've been all over the spectrum of life these last few weeks. Since I last wrote, Derick has come back from Texas adventures with Sambo and Jes and Brianna. We went to Corpus Christi after new Years in San Antonio and slept on the beach! But that was last week and since then I've been really busy in a positive way.... go over to my flickr site if you can and see some other fun pictures from myself, and for some of Sam's pictures from our Texas trip, go here :)

Indigo Hue (You)
I created this little beauty of a logo for a tattoo company run by a lovely ladyfriend I know in Texas. She invinted this fantastic ink that only lasts for six months and I think it's going to be a big hit.

I perform in Murder mysteries, namely the Ultimate Murder Mystery; at least for a few more months until I leave for that show in Branson I'm doing. James Fields is a very cool dude and I greatly enjoy working with him and his ridiculously talented actors. In an effort to kick a few more tickets for his shows I created a new website for him, I hope you enjoy the work I put into it. We took some fun pictures and I used the lovely Samantha Woodruff as the murderer/ghost for the website imagery in a CSI-whacky Columbo theme.


If you've never experienced the show I highly suggest you do so before I leave!

I also wrote a fun article for a newsletter that I think will also appear in the Official TPS mag that get circulated around bookstores and the like. Anyway, I'll post that maybe tomorrow. That's enought for one night! I just got out of a fun UMM show tonight so I'm going to bed soon...

Sunday I get to see Sambo in Shades of Grey! Cheers all


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