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New Year's Adventure

Rope Swing Adventure
by snoweyes. I'm off in Texas for a few days for the New Year with Sam, Brian and Jes for some near-Mexican good times in fabulous, warm San Antonio. We got lucky and found a nice hotel tonight so I can hop on before I get off to sleep...The trip has been going very well and we are looking for some cheap campgrounds but we'll take what we can get until the New Year! I promise to take lots of nice pictures and have some really good and...responsible fun! haha

I resolve to stay focused on the huge tasks before me and remember to have fun the whole way. Last year was a bit chaotic for me so I'm looking forward to some positive growth in the year 2008. I also resolve to keep my room clean and, oh heck, my car too.

Happy New Year if I don't hear from you!


Branson, Cathy Rigby, Peter Pan, Smee and Me

Smee and the fine art of expression
by snoweyes. I don't know if you kids keep track, but last Sunday my friends and I went over to Branson to audition for a new big-theatre version of Peter Pan, starring Cathy Rigby.

Cathy Rigby was the Star of the most recent version of Peter Pan on Broadway and starred in the travelling show that came through Tulsa a few years ago. It was a brilliant show, so much that I saw it twice that year.

I wanted to be in this show, but what would it mean to be cast? It would run through the Summer and hopefully on through the next season, be a fairly well-paid gig and I would get to act with some very talented people in a venue I've never broken into; musical theatre! My work situation hasn't been very inspiring lately so I knew I should at least try for something new. Could I do it? It was worth a shot.

Sam, Jes and I all left around 4:30am last Sunday to get to the venue at 9am to Audition at 10am, which got pushed waaaay back to 4pm. We all w…