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You must get this, pt.3

Mr. Pants
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. "You must get this all the time," said the older fellow, after one doozie of a performance at the Drunkard.


In spite of nearly every one forgetting their lines, the show went incredibly well. The audience was very perceptive and reactive. It's my favorite kind of show. I performed well and felt great throughout the show.

Back to the fellow...
"But you look just like Michael J. Fox. Do you ever get that?"

Oh yes, yes I do. I take that as a compliment. I like the characters MJF plays and I hope to do the same someday in a bigger venue! Thanks, older fella!

I and Jes went on an incredible hike/meditation/adventure at Chandler Park. It was rainy, muddy, sloppy, green, filled with streams, beauty and all I was looking forward to. I loved it. Jes and I had a great talk about the future (Australia and our further travels and art pursuits) and I felt so spiritually connected to things beyond the world. My spirit side has been s…

Just a little friendly reminder...

Friendly artists
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. Hello friends and family!

I'm in the Drunkard this Saturday night! Please, please come if you have the time/money/will for that kind of thing. I'd love to hang out after the show.

Call 587-5030 for tickets. You don't need to buy them over the phone, but it's a good idea to reserve and then pay at the ticket desk :)

In other news, it seems I got the contract for doing some tasty training videos for some much-needed money! Woo

In the air

In the air
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. I have some fun new pictures. Check it out!