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Check it out!

Oh behave, you fizz.
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. I have some pictures back from my Coke commercial shoot. Just clilck on the pic to see them!

A whale of a time

Whale has a new friend/booger
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. Well, I've been tinkering with my website lately, and if you visit you won't find a huge difference. I've moved some subscription stuff over to Feedburner, some fancy technology thing that works great with my blog feed. You may notice on the right side of my site that I've got a new email subscription, this one should actually work if you've not familiar with my old yahoo group.

Other than that, Of course we've been having fun lately, and I've been going to the Gypsy for two weeks straight for their open mic night. I paint while listening to the performers and I even got the chance to do a little performance myself. I had fun!

What you see in the picture today is from my trip with Ty and the gang. We went out to the Blue Whale along Route 66 and had a lot of fun.

I made the time this week to put up quite a few pictures on my Flick page so if you go there you will find all kinds of yummy pictures o…

ATTENTION Autumn Shade is HERE

Autumn Shade's new album, Ezra Moon is now officially out and ready to purchase!

From a review online:

Autumn Shade
Ezra Moon[Strange Attractors; 2007]

Styles: Americana, indie Appalachia, contemporary singer-songwriter, alt-country
Others: Nina Nastasia, Neko Case, Mazzy Star, Cranes Tulsa, Oklahoma native Jes LeneĆ©’s prematurely world-weary and timeworn vocals may betray a maturity beyond her years, but they also possess a damaged, little-girl-lost quality that suffuses her songcraft with a ghostlike, almost spooky ambience. Her lyrics, however cryptic and ambiguous, are nonetheless conveyed with an anguished candor that reinforces the music’s supernatural affectations, and while she frequently sacrifices profundity for abstraction, LeneĆ©’s nebulous lyrics suit the tone of the music, which has a distinctly antiquated flavor to it. Her voice is expressive, but conversely yearns to convey something inexpressible, as on the beau…