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Contrasts and good times.

life is always interesting. One day, it smacks you in the face and
reminds you how you hate being in a place, the next day the polar
oppisite occurs!

Yesterday Jes and I went to play the after
party for the Blue November Film Fest. Unfortunately the crowd at the
venue, Vintage 1760 wasn't exactly willing to shut their drunk mouths
during any of our music. Jes was incredible, however. Too bad most of
the people were typical Tulsans, not caring about art. We had a sound
system, yet the patron found a way to yell louder and louder throughout
the event, creating a nice roar inside the place. It sucked! However!

that night a nice guy I went to High School with, Wolf, talked to me
and recognized me, even talking about my recent art, and how much he
enjoyed it! Also, Jes met a nice fellow from, and he
talked about how he would like to put Jes' music on the radio. So in my
mind, all was redeemed by that opportunity to have people actually
interested and willing to listen to go…